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DVD Review: Waiting – The Van Duren Story

In recent years, a remarkably personal style of documentary has come into vogue. Whereas in a traditional documentary, the narrator is both invisible and omniscient, and this new (or newly […]

Album Review: Loveland Duren — Any Such Thing

If you know the name Van Duren, it’s likely that you’re familiar with him as part of the musician/songwriter axis of Memphis, Tennessee, a scene that also gave us Big […]

Hundred(plus)-word Reviews for November 2020, Part Four

Here’s a quick look at five new releases. Four are reissues; the other is a compilation of previously-unreleased material. All are simply superb; essential, even. For the first time in […]

Van Duren: If You’re Happy That’s Where You Belong

Note: an edited version of this feature appeared previously on Rock and Roll Globe. From a certain perspective, Van Duren is a shadowy, little-known part of the 1970s Memphis power […]

PRIX: The Band that Never Was

In March 1974, Jon Tiven had just turned 19 and was living in New York City. In the next two and half years, he’d find himself deeply enmeshed in a […]

Cupid’s Arrow Hits its Mark: The Van Duren and Vicki Loveland Interview, Part Two

Continued from Part One… Bill Kopp: Not to put words in your mouth, but was it a case of that as the songs would develop, you’d instinctively know who’d sing […]

Cupid’s Arrow Hits its Mark: The Van Duren and Vicki Loveland Interview, Part One

Mention the name Van Duren to a powerpop fanatic and you’ll likely get a reply that’s equal parts gushing enthusiasm and reverent tones. While he’s not well-known among the pop […]