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Album Review: Steve Barton – Love & Destruction

Steve Barton is best known as one of two guitarists and songwriters in Translator, the San Francisco band that gave us “Everywhere That I’m Not.” But while the band went semi-dormant a number of years ago, Barton remains active as a solo artist. His latest release is Love & Destruction. Like his earlier records, it

Sometimes People Remember: A Conversation with Translator’s Steve Barton (Part 2)

Continued from Part One… “When you’re working with a producer like David Kahne or Ed Stasium, they care about the process, too,” Steve Barton notes. “Everyone has an interest in how the final record is going to sound. So it’s all of a piece: the punkier stuff on the demos, and how the records ended

Sometimes People Remember: A Conversation with Translator’s Steve Barton (Part 1)

Though they’re perhaps best known for their 1982 single “Everywhere That I’m Not” – a quirky yet extremely catchy rock tune that subsequently found its way onto more than a half dozen compilations of the 80s/new wave era – San Francisco’s Translator released four excellent albums during their major-label run (roughly 1982 to 1986). The

Coming Attractions

Lots in the hopper right now at Musoscribe World HQ. Here are some teasers of what you can expect in the coming days: Translator were one of the more exciting bands to come out of the (or my) college rock era. With the songwriting and musicianship of the two front men Robert Darlington and Steve