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Album Review: Selwyn Birchwood — Exorcist

I’ve written about Selwyn Birchwood on a number of occasions. Back when I was writing my “30 Days Out” column for Asheville’s altweekly (for a few years now it’s been […]

Album Review: Selwyn Birchwood – Living in a Burning House

Even before the shrink wrap is off Selwyn Birchwood’s third album, it’s telegraphed that the package represents a more serious offering than what has come before. From its title to […]

Selwyn Birchwood’s Long Road to Overnight Success

Guitarist Selwyn Birchwood’s fourth and latest album, Pick Your Poison is his most fully-realized release yet. Based in the blues idiom, it draws from gospel, soul and r&b as well. […]

Three New Album Reviews

Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow and Bobby Previte with Iggy Pop – Loneliness Road File next to: Stooges, Tony Bennett Popular music has seen some unlikely pairings: Bowie and Bing Crosby, […]