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Album Review: Jaco Pastorius – Modern American Music…Period! The Criteria Sessions

This week, I’m quite busy attending Moogfest 2014 here in Asheville NC, the adopted of hometown of both myself and the late Dr. R.A. Moog, for whom the five day event is named. I hope and plan to bring extensive coverage to this blog very soon. In the meantime, here are some shorter-than-usual reviews. Please

DVD Review: Last Shop Standing

Here’s a fun little film. While it has no narrator, Last Shop Standing most certainly has a narrative. Stringing together interviews of record shop owners from around the UK, the film charts “the rise, fall and rebirth of the independent record shop” (that’s the film’s subtitle, too). Largely avoiding shops in London, Last Shop Standing

Record Store Day is April 20

Record Store Day has grown since its inception in 2007; these days it’s a high-profile event. All manner of record labels now release special limited-edition records to independent stores on Record Store Day. For me, nearly every day since my childhood has been a record store day; I frequented shops as a kid, worked for