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Hundred-word Reviews for January 2019

The backlog is threatening to get unmanageable once again. As a kind of editorial pressure release valve, here’s a quick look at ten worthy albums that have recently crossed my desk. All new music. Paul Kelly – Nature Some artists accumulate a body of work that all ties together in a neat fashion. Paul Kelly

The Paul Kelly Interview, Part Three

Continued from Part Two … On Life is Fine you cede the lead vocal duties on “My Man’s Got a Cold” to Vika Bull and “Don’t Explain” to Linda Bull. That’s the kind of thing one expects to find on a “band album,” not one by an artist using his own name. Was it your

The Paul Kelly Interview, Part Two

Continued from Part One … The title track of Life is Fine is built around a Langston Hughes poem. What’s special to you about his words? “That was the first time, actually, that I became aware of him. A friend just sent the poem to me and she kept going, ‘You can put a tune

The Paul Kelly Interview, Part One

Paul Kelly is an institution in his native Australia. His musical style transcends genre, and the beloved singer-guitarist has released nearly two dozen albums since his recorded debut in 1981. Kelly was the subject of an award-winning 2012 documentary, Paul Kelly: Stories of Me, and earlier this year he was made an Officer of the

Album Mini-review: Paul Kelly — Seven Sonnets & a Song

File next to: Graham Parker, Richard Thompson, Davey Graham Australian treasure Paul Kelly has long been recognized as a consummate songwriter; more than most others who’ve tried, he bridges the chasm between singer/songwriter, country/roots artist and rocker. In recent years, he’s moved in some rather ambitious directions, including 2014’s The Merri Soul Sessions in which

Neil Finn: Goin’ His Own Way

Two Australia/New Zealand-based giants of heartfelt and intelligent pop music – Paul Kelly (a solo artist and longtime leader of The Messengers) and Neil Finn (member of Split Enz, founder of Crowded House, solo artist, and collaborator with select other artists) – teamed up in 2013 for a short run of concert dates in Australia.

Hundred Word Reviews for May 2015, Part 4

My unrelenting trip through my CD backlog continues today with five more capsule reviews. These five are rock and/or soul and/or pop. The Monochrome Set – Spaces Everywhere Heroes of the first wave of new wave, The Monochrome Set formed in the late 1970s. Though they never achieved any measurable success in the USA, they’ve