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A Really Big Shoes Interview, Part 3

Continued from Part Two… Bill Kopp: I think Shoes fans – especially ones outside the Midwest – think of you more as a studio band. Why don’t you play out more, or tour? John Murphy (bass/vocals): Going back to Elektra again, the labels in those days didn’t have much to do with a band’s live

A Really Big Shoes Interview, Part 2

Continued from Part One… Bill Kopp: I bought the Present Tense LP when it came out; I was 13 (fifteen; Math is hard! — bk). Gary Klebe‘s “I Don’t Miss You” got a decent amount of airplay on the rock FM station in Atlanta. Did you have huge hopes for high-profile mainstream commercial blockbuster success

A Really Big Shoes Interview, Part 1

Shoes are that curious breed: a powerpop band that’s consistently lauded critically, but that makes only occasional modest commercial inroads. They’ve been plying their trade – catchy, muscular, hook-filled rock with stellar vocal harmonies – since the mid-1970s. The band seemed poised for breakout fame – possibly as the Next Big Thing after The Cars

Album Review: Various Artists – Buttons: From Champaign to Chicago

Powerpop has always seemed to have its evangelists – the ones who shouted across the rooftops about the transcendent power of their chosen genre. Jordan Oakes was responsible for the (now highly-sought-after) Yellow Pills compilations; Bruce Brodeen ran the venerable Not Lame label – devoted almost wholly to powerpop – for a decade and a

Album Review: Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1984

Here’s an interesting thought experiment: What might happen if you gathered a bunch of musicians steeped in 70s soul, funk and r&b, took away their guitars and basses, gave them synthesizers of the mid 70s-to-mid 80s variety, and sent them away to make music? The results might sound a bit like the music collected on

Album Review: Lou Ragland – I Travel Alone

Way back when I was nineteen, I was a full-time college student, but I also held down a part-time job in retail. I became friendly with a co-worker name Wade White, and our conversations often centered around (you guessed it) music. Our backgrounds couldn’t have been more different: I was a suburban kid, and he

Album Review: Various Artists – Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio

The Numero Group has quickly developed a well-earned reputation for unearthing fascinating archival material. Jazz, soul, R&B, disco, psych…you name it, Numero has scored old unreleased session tapes to bring previously-unheard music to – if not the masses – discerning 21st century ears. Perhaps the most unusual entry in the ongoing Numero series (#35 if

Album Review: Father’s Children – Who’s Gonna Save the World

The story of Father’s Children is fascinating, but not altogether unique. Group comes together, develops a style, records an album, sinks without a trace. This Washington DC-based group recorded an album for Mercury at the tail-end of the 70s, but by that point they were past their prime, had endured myriad lineup changes, and had