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30 Days Out, April 2022 #1: Philip Glass Ensemble, Moon Hooch, Samantha Fish, Stick Men

There’s some fantastic live music coming to Asheville in the next 30 days. No foolin’: sophisticated modern minimalism, a sax-and-drums trio that’s equal parts out-there and accessible, a blues (and more) hero for the 21st century, and some of the most compelling and powerful instro-prog you’ll ever experience. Roll your pennies and go to the

Concert Review: Moon Hooch, The Orange Peel, Asheville NC April 12 2013

I read a description of these guys that likened their music to house (EDM). And though I can’t find the citation, I’m pretty sure somebody else labeled Moon Hooch as a dubstep act. Now, I pride myself on having pretty wide and eclectic tastes, but mention EDM or dubstep and I reach for my (metaphorical)