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Album Review: Marshall Holland — Paper Airplane

It’s a bit unnerving to realize that it has been six and a half years since I first heard Marshall Holland and the Etceteras. As I noted at the time, that album – despite its misleading title – is the work of one man. And it’s a very good one, brilliantly displaying the finest pure

Album Mini-review: Various Artists — Friends and Frenemies

File next to: Sloan, Matthew Sweet Based in the redwoods of Northern California, Allen Clapp‘s Mystery Lawn Music has in recent years become a trademark of pop music quality. Originally formed as a vehicle to self-release 20/20 – perhaps the best album by his group the Orange Peels – Clapp’s label has become a collective

Album Review: Marshall Holland and the Etceteras

The name of this act – Marshall Holland and the Etceteras is a rock-pop red herring: every sound you’ll hear on this delightful record was produced by Holland himself. The tunes are often gentle excursions with crystalline production, pop melodies that fold in subtle elements such as accordion and acoustic guitar. Holland often overdubs his