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Album Review: Louis Armstrong — The Nightclubs

A new compilation from Dot Time Records brings together an assortment of live performances by Luis Armstrong. Dating from the first half of the 1950s, these nine tracks (seven more […]

Album Review: The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong All Stars – A Gift to Pops

People of a certain age (i.e. my age) may have early memories of Louis Armstrong singing “Hello, Dolly,” “Wonderful World” or the theme song from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, […]

Album Review: Louis Armstrong – Live in France

One of the most important and influential figures in the music of the 20th century, Louis Armstrong had a recording career that spanned from the early 1920s through 1970, the […]

Album Review: Louis Armstrong and His All Stars — Live in 1956

Though he had certainly been massively popular before, in the middle 1950s jazz trumpeter and vocalist Louis Armstrong was near the top of his game. In 1947 he broke up […]