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Album Review: John McLaughlin — Liberation Time

A deeply spiritual artist, John McLaughlin makes music that moves the mind, body and spirit. There’s certainly plenty of technical precision in his music, but with in it beats a living heart. As such, the creation of that music is greatly informed and colored by the interaction among the participants (usually some of the finest

Hundred-word Reviews, December 2018

This will almost certainly be my last roundup of new releases – capsule review style – for 2018. Lots of great music came out this year; don’t let anyone tell you differently. As always, each of these albums deserves more coverage than I’m able to give here, and each warrants a spin (at least) by

Bonus: A Quick Q&A with John McLaughlin

Virtuoso guitarist John McLaughlin is embarking on a farewell-to-the-USA tour, joined by Widespread Panic guitarist Jimmy Herring. Ahead of the tour, McLaughlin took the time to answer a few questions. Bill Kopp: How did you get to know Jimmy Herring? John McLaughlin: Listen, he’s playing my instrument! Anybody who’s playing my instrument and they get

The John McLaughlin Farewell Interview, Part Two

Continued from Part One… Because McLaughlin is such a painstaking composer and player, it stands to reason that he would look back on recordings he made decades ago and find fault with certain things here and there. “Of course I see faults,” he admits. “I see big, glaring faults.” But he says those things don’t

The John McLaughlin Farewell Interview, Part One

John McLaughlin is easily one of the most influential musicians ever to take up the guitar. His boundary-pushing, holistic approach to the instrument has earned him countless accolades. He has many high-profile fans among the legion of rock guitarists, though his own music only occasionally qualifies as rock. A key figure in the jazz fusion

Miss Adventure

Note: For this, my 1500th blog entry, I’m taking a look back in time. The events described herein took place more than a year and a half ago, so please take the specific details with a grain of salt. I find that I had to wait this long to allow the events to settle in

You Can Be Who You Are: The John McLaughlin Interview, Part 4

Continued from Part Three… Bill Kopp: Speaking of playing onstage, how do the live pieces differ from the studio versions? Do you open them up for improvisation, or are they tightly structured? John McLaughlin: Oh, yes! The minute we start playing. They even change in the studio; take 1 could be different from take 2.

You Can Be Who You Are: The John McLaughlin Interview, Part 3

Continued from Part Two… Bill Kopp: This is an obvious thing to say, but since instrumental music has to convey its messages without the benefit of lyrics, it has to do so using tone, volume, melody, harmony and so forth. When you compose a piece, do you think about it in extramusical terms – that

You Can Be Who You Are: The John McLaughlin Interview, Part 2

Continued from Part One… Bill Kopp: A Tribute to Jack Johnson is among the most underrated of all Miles’ works, I think. John McLaughlin: A lot of people don’t underrate it, though. Especially him. And in the end, he’s the one that counts. BK: You composed all of the tracks on the new album. How

You Can Be Who You Are: The John McLaughlin Interview, Part 1

Far be it from me to attempt to introduce John McLaughlin. One of the world’s greatest guitarists, his career has spanned five decades. His latest album Now Here This is credited to John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension, and it’s the third studio album from this particular improvisational jazz outfit. The band’s 2013 tour will