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Five Great Joe Satriani Guest Spots

Guitar hero Joe Satriani first achieved wide fame with 1989’s Surfing with the Alien, his second LP. That instrumental record won a Grammy, as did its highlight single, “Always With […]

Interview Roundup: Joe Satriani

It’s one thing to be a technically superb guitar shredder. Lots of axe-wielders can claim that title. But just because one can execute blindingly difficult runs on the six-string doesn’t […]

Joe Satriani: Telling Stories With and Without Words (Part 2 of 2)

Continued from Part One… Sometimes the timeline exceeds two years. Satriani mentions “Through a Mother’s Day Darkly,” a breathtaking highlight of The Elephants of Mars. He wrote the song in […]

Joe Satriani: Telling Stories With and Without Words (Part 1 of 2)

Joe Satriani is the most popular instrumental rock guitarist in the history of music. Though he has yet to win a Grammy Award for his work, Satriani is one of […]

Album Mini-review: Joe Satriani — Shockwave Supernova

File next to: Buckethead, Steve Vai, John Petrucci A big part of what has always made the music of Joe Satriani stand out among contemporaries is the guitarist’s inerrant sense […]

Directed Energy: The Joe Satriani Interview, Part Two

Continued from Part One… Bill Kopp: You’ve used keyboards before, of course, but the new album (and the last couple) features Mike Keneally, as opposed to on some of the […]

Directed Energy: The Joe Satriani Interview, Part One

Joe Satriani is that unique guitarist who is both revered by the crowd that digs technically amazing musicians, yet possesses a great deal of mainstream appeal. That success is a […]

Joe Satriani: Pushing the Limits of the Human Experience

On his new disc, Super Colossal, the originator of the Pitch Axis Theory continues his tradition of combining mind-melting feats of guitar pyrotechnics with memorable riffs and ear-candy melodies. Yet […]