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Best of 2015: Video (DVD and/or Blu-ray)

It takes a good bit more time and effort to screen a DVD or Blu-ray than it does to check out an album. With the latter, I can let the CD or record spin while I’m doing something else (I can multitask to some degree), but the former requires sitting in a comfortable chair, watching

DVD Review: Frank Sinatra — All or Nothing at All

When I was growing up, Frank Sinatra made what was considered music for adults. I distinctly remember when his duet with daughter Nancy Sinatra, “Somethin’ Stupid,” was all over the pop airwaves back in 1967, during the Summer of Love. As I recall, it was right alongside AM radio Top 40 hits by The Mamas

Album Review: Frank Sinatra – Strangers in the Night (2010 reissue)

Sure, the title track of Frank Sinatra’s 1966 album Strangers in the Night is sappy, MOR stuff. Impeccably arranged and finding the 51-year old Sinatra in fine vocal form, the song nonetheless was hopelessly out of step with the current musical trends. “Adult” music as it was, the song bumped no less a song than