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Hundred-word Reviews: Reissues, Archival Releases, Compilations

My shelf full of albums to be reviewed has run out of space. So once again it’s time for a raft of hundred-word reviews. All sixteen titles in this roundup are reissues, compilations and/or archival releases. 6-String Drag – High Hat (Schoolkids Records) Before Americana was coined as a genre, there was alt-country. Combining rock

Eric Johnson: A Man and His Guitar

Guitarist Eric Johnson made his name as an electric guitarist; his work on early albums like 1986’s Tones and Ah Via Musicom (from 1990) established him as one of the best and most respected guitar soloists of his generation. But the Texas-born musician has always been about more than the electric guitar. His love of

Eric Johnson: Cutting the Cord

Ever since he broke through with his third album (1990’s Ah Via Musicom), Austin, Texas guitarist Eric Johnson has been a prominent musical figure, a widely admired guitar hero. From his start, Johnson wedded dazzling technique to a strong melodic sense, gaining fans along the way. Guitar World rated his Grammy Award-winning single “Cliffs of