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The Dave Davies Interview, Part 2

Continued from Part One … Bill Kopp: Did you ever feel held back or boxed in by of people’s expectations of “Oh, The Kinks should sound like this” or “they should sound like that”? Dave Davies: I think we were lucky because nobody could pigeonhole The Kinks, especially in the ’80s when there were a

The Dave Davies Interview, Part 1

One might call guitarist Dave Davies an under-appreciated legend. Sometimes credited with the earliest use of guitar feedback on record – though many other including Link Wray lay claim to that innovation – as lead guitarist, harmony vocalist and occasional songwriter for the Kinks, Davies was a key part of the impressive body of work

August Capsule Reviews

Here’s another in my occasional series of quick cuts. This time ’round I’m covering recent releases by names who’ve been around the block a few times. These are people whose work you’ll know (or will recall once I remind you) but who perhaps haven’t had a high profile of late. My self-imposed limit for each