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Arthur or Not Arthur: That is the Question

Landmark Kinks album inspires Chris Tullar’s Not Arthur An acclaimed late sixties concept album provided the inspiration for a local songwriter to conceive, record and stage a concept album all […]

Preview: Music to Your Ears — The Kinks’ ‘Arthur’

Legendary British rock band The Kinks are revered for their early classics: proto-garage rockers like “All Day and all of the Night” and “You Really Got Me.” Their hits continued […]

Creativity During COVID

Note: This story started as an assignment for Mountain Xpress about one artist — Chris Tullar — and grew into a larger story looking at a wider range of creatives […]

Album Review: Carpal Tullar — Horse of a Different Tullar

Carpal Tullar is an arty rock trio based in Asheville, N.C.; the band plays local dates occasionally. But Carpal Tullar is also a studio project that’s essentially the work of […]