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Preview: What the Hell Happened to Blood Sweat & Tears?

UPDATE: Screen #1 is sold out but Grail has opened a second simultaneous screen. USE THIS TIX LINK. You remember BS&T; the band scored a long string of hits and […]

Music to Your Ears: Jim Fielder

You might not know Jim Fielder’s name, but it’s very likely you’ve heard him play. A key fixture of popular music beginning in the late 1960s, he lent his expert, […]

Steve Katz and His Rock ‘n’ Roll Stories

If one wished to chart a path through the folk, rock and pop landscape of the mid 1960s onward, one could do worse than to use the career of Steve […]

Hundred-word Reviews: January 2015, Part 5

There’s a never-ending stream of reissued music, too. So it’s time once again for some hundred-worders to work off some of my backlog. As always, these all deserve full reviews, […]

Album Review: Blood Sweat & Tears – The Complete Columbia Singles

For some years there, BS&T was a true hitmaking juggernaut. And a lot of their music was – for whatever reason – the kind of thing that your parents might […]