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Facing the Music, Part Three

Continued from Part Two … Live Music in WNC Before, During, and After COVID-19 This feature appeared previously in Capital at Play Magazine. WNC Music Community Faces the New Challenges in a Variety of Ways There’s no escaping the fact that musicians have been hit hard by the global pandemic. While many musicians turn to

Facing the Music, Part Two

Continued from Part One … Live Music in WNC Before, During, and After COVID-19 This feature appeared previously in Capital at Play Magazine. The Coalition’s study found that in Asheville and Buncombe County, more than 3,300 jobs were created or supported by music industry fields, and that “for every one job related to the music

Facing the Music, Part One

Live Music in WNC Before, During, and After COVID-19 This feature appeared previously in Capital at Play Magazine. Music-making is inextricably entwined with the culture of Western North Carolina. In fact, the path of live performance of music in all its myriad forms provides a handy set of guideposts to chart the history of the

Citizen Mojo: Expressing Themselves

A long-running funk group based in Western North Carolina, Citizen Mojo serves up fresh and inventive readings of classic tunes, steeped in American musical forms like blues, soul and jazz. Built upon the rhythm section of bassist Tim Clement and drummer Scott Stinson, Citizen Mojo also features organist Brad Curtioff and band leader/guitarist Stephen Blanton.

The Appeal of Fresh ‘Fwuit’

Dulci Ellenberger and her musical associates have been something of a moving target lately. For several years, the Asheville-based singer-songwriter-guitarist fronted Holy Ghost Tent Revival, the seven-person, ragtime-jazz-meets-rock band. That same lineup (which included bassist Kevin Williams and drummer Ross Montsinger) also booked shows under the name Big Sound Harbor, playing a set built around

The Moon and You Aims Higher with ‘Asteroids’

The Moon and You began work on its newest album almost exactly four years ago. And initially, work on the album proceeded really quickly. “We got the rhythm tracking done in two days,” recalls cellist/vocalist Melissa Hyman. “The day before and the days after the 2016 [presidential] election,” adds Ryan Furstenburg, guitarist/vocalist and Melissa’s husband.

Young Mister: Alone Again, Naturally

After nearly a decade toiling as a staff writer for Universal Music, Steven Fiore embarked on a solo career, releasing his songs himself. Branding his music under the banner of Young Mister, Fiore debuted with a self-titled album in 2016. Now, four years later and in the middle of a pandemic, he’s releasing his third

Modern Strangers: Self-made Men

Infectious tunes like the speedy pop of Modern Strangers’ “Where’s Your Man” – the speedy pop gem that’s the leadoff single from Modern Strangers’ debut album, Dangerous Fiction – combine rock grittiness and the sleek, streamlined vibe of classic pop. Listeners yearning for weepy, introspective balladry are advised to look elsewhere; this band is all

30 Days Out, October 2020 #2: Pretty Little Goat, Natti Love Joys, Marcus King Trio, Jane Kramer

Welp … looks like we’re back to live, in-person concerts. After a fashion, that is. All of the shows spotlighted in this edition of “30 Days Out” are socially-distanced in one manner or another. One’s a drive-in show (concertgoers stay in or near their vehicle). Another is an outdoor lawn concert. Another is in a

30 Days Out, October 2020 #1: Tom Paxton, Del McCoury Band, Papadosio, Frisson Ensemble

Since this pandemic seems to be hanging on (blame our inept current federal “leadership”), it’s up to performing artists, booking agents and music venues to find ways the at least approximate “normal.” They’re rising to that challenge in some positive ways. For this edition of 30 Days Out, I take a quick look at four