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30 Days Out, December 2021 #2: Drunken Prayer, Empire Strikes Brass, Andrew Scotchie and the River Rats, Arrested Development, Adam Ezra Group

This installment of “30 Days Out” marks two years since the twice-monthly bulletin has been published here on Musoscribe. Before that, starting in January 2014(!), 30DO was a twice-monthly feature […]

Arrested Development: The Speech Interview, Part Three

Continued from Part Two … For decades it’s been the case that American artists – especially the more interesting ones – tend to do better in Europe and Asia. The […]

Arrested Development: The Speech Interview, Part Two

Continued from Part One … Arrested Development has found success beyond the hip-hop fan base in a way that other acts haven’t always done, and you’ve done it without compromising […]

Arrested Development: The Speech Interview, Part One

If you turned on your radio or tuned into MTV in 1992, you were familiar with Arrested Development. The Atlanta-based group did something that was quite unique for its time; […]

Arrested Development: Creating Their Own Lane

Hailed as creators of a new musical genre, Arrested Development scored a worldwide blockbuster hit with their 1992 debut album. The group’s unique take on hip-hop influenced an entire generation […]