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Asheville’s Top 10 for 2018

2018 has brought forth a bumper crop of superb albums in every genre from artists local (or with strong connections) to Asheville and the surrounding region. Any of these 10 could arguably claim the top spot, and I can immediately think of at least 10 more that would easily warrant inclusion on the list. The

Amandla: Follow What Brings You

Laughing Hearts is the third album from Amandla, the personal music project of Asheville-based Claude Coleman, Jr. Though the album was quietly released in digital form a year ago, Coleman is now overseeing a vinyl release of Laughing Hearts, and scheduling select live dates to celebrate its release. Even though he’s best known as the

Album Review: Amandla — Laughing Hearts

Amandla is a studio creation of Claude Coleman Jr., an Asheville multi-instrumentalist best known as the drummer for Ween. But unlike the decidedly acquired-taste music made by Ween, Amandla makes pure ear candy. Released February 14, Laughing Hearts (Marshall Hotel Records) is the third album using the Amandla name. There’s a kinetic undercurrent to many