Bootleg Bin: The Tubes – Remote Control Sessions

Paul Myers‘ excellent book about Todd Rundgren‘s production work will hit the shelves soon (it’s reviewed here). here’s a look at the session tapes for one of the projects discussed in that book. The year was 1979, a mere five years after The Tubes broke onto the scene with their hit, the satirical “White Punks

The Top Five Things I Learned at Margaritaville

I’ve been playing in cover bands on and off — mostly on — since around 1980. With the exception of some years — the late 80s to early 90s — set aside to be a young married with young kids, I’ve been in one or another covers band, and have had great fun doing so.

Album Review: Burton Cummings – Above the Ground

Sometimes, life disappoints. You go into a new experience hoping it will meet your expectations, and it falls short. You did your best to not, as the Brogues sang, “build your dreams too high.” But despite your best efforts to approach the experience with few preconceived notions, it just plain didn’t “happen” for you. And

Album Review: Mangrove – Beyond Reality

Gentle, pastoral guitar picking starts off the epic-length “Daydreamers’ Nightmare” on Beyond Reality, the latest from Dutch progressive outfit Mangrove. An airy synth line doubles the melodic phrase, and then — as prog is wont to do — the rest of the band thunders in, and a soaring electric guitar lead is laid atop the

Interview: Gentle Giant on Barrett, bootlegs, Badfinger, Back catalog and the biz

The career of Gentle Giant spanned the whole of the 1970s, and their modest commercial fortunes closely paralleled that of their chosen (or assigned) genre. Beginning with their self-titled debut album in 1970 and running through their eleventh studio album (1980’s Civilian) the group charted a singular musical path. While they went their separate ways

Todd Rundgren / Utopia / Nazz: A Critical Essay

DISCOGRAPHY Todd Rundgren Runt (Bearsville) 1970 The Ballad of Todd Rundgren (Bearsville) 1971 Something / Anything? (Bearsville) 1972 A Wizard / A True Star (Bearsville) 1973 Todd (Bearsville) 1974 Initiation (Bearsville) 1975 Faithful (Bearsville) 1976 Hermit of Mink Hollow (Bearsville) 1977 Back To The Bars (Bearsville) 1978 Healing (Bearsville) 1981 The Ever Popular Tortured Artist