What’s Old is New Again in November 2013, Part One

I’ve been finding a lot of CDs in my inbox of late: discs that contain neither new music nor reissues; instead they’re new releases of previously-unissued material. Many of these are live concerts, the sort of thing that hardcore collectors like myself used to trade on the underground means. But these official releases come with

Album Review: 50 Shades! The Musical: Original Cast Recording

I’ve recounted the story before of how I came to actually enjoy a musical. To recap quickly, I love rock music; show tunes, not so much. And having read the first 30-40 pages of 50 Shades of Grey, I found it to be the most amateurishly written piece of junk I’d ever read (and I

Concert Review: Hopscotch Festival, Part 1 – Zammuto, Built to Spill

The Hopscotch Festival was a three-day event (September 6-8, 2012), but my schedule only allowed me to make a single-day trip to the festival in Raleigh, NC. I made the four-plus hour drive drive east, checked into my hotel and made my way downtown in time for the first show at the main stage, the

Album Review: Three Minute Tease

Rock fans who count themselves among the in-the-know crowd recognize the names Morris Windsor and Andy Metcalfe. The pair (on drums and bass respectively) first gained notice as members of The Soft Boys, that underrated, under-appreciated psych-revival band from Cambridge. Led by Robyn Hitchcock and rounded out by the great guitar work of Kimberley Rew

Book Review: Ticket Masters

Every now and then, I’ll find myself engaged in a conversation with someone who laments the fact that “they don’t make movies like they used to.” In the old days, the argument goes, they had good guys and bad guys, and you usually knew who was which. Sure, there might be a plot twist where

Happily Lost in Translation: A Talk with Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe

In the 1970s, when direct-dialing for international telephone calls became widespread, the practice was largely cost-prohibitive. Even though in those days music journalists sometimes actually got paid(!) for writing stories, rarely was the pay enough to make overseas interviews via phone a practical option. These days there’s Skype, and a call originating via Skype to

Album Review: Stew and the Negro Problem – Making It

By most standards, Making It from Stew and the Negro Problem is a slightly strange affair. To begin with, any band with a name like that is asking for a certain amount of trouble. But rest assured that this isn’t some Stormfront-approved outfit or a bunch of Pat Buchanan wannabees. The singularly-named Stew is in

¡Veinte Preguntas para Los Straitjackets!

I first saw Los Straitjackets onstage in February 2004. Their music and image is – to use a Hollywood term – “high concept.” Picture this: a four piece band, all clad in matching black turtlenecks and slacks, Chuck Taylor Converse high-tops, customized medallions around their necks, and – wait for it – faces hidden behind

Bootleg Bin: Pink Floyd – Interstellar Zappadrive

Everyone’s heard Robin Williams’ joke: “If you remember the ‘60s, you weren’t there.” It would seem that — at least occasionally – the reverse is true: If you don’t remember it, you were there. Or something. Whenever asked, Frank Zappa denied that he and Pink Floyd ever shared a stage. The thought that these two

Musoscribe’s Best of 2010: New Releases

While it’s true that a staggering amount of music crosses my desk each year, a large percentage of it tends to be reissues, archival releases and the like. Those are my area of specialty and interest. But I am a keen follower of new music as well. My tastes rarely coincide with anything like the