Yep Roc 15 Preview

Fantasy Festival: Yep Roc 15

I’m not a fan of professional team spectator sports; that kind of thing has never held any fascination for me. But I sort of understand why others like it, I guess. I also (thank goodness) don’t work in a cube-farm office – got that out of my system back in the mid 90s – so

Hundred-word Reviews: March 2012

Here’s another installment in my occasional series of capsule reviews, generally covering indie releases. My self-imposed limit for this particular exercise is 100 words on each album. Brad Brooks – Harmony of Passing Light Somehow the name and the cover art led me to think this would be c&w singer/songwriter stuff. Lesson: don’t judge an

Hundred-word Reviews, Part One

Quite a few worthy CDs have piled up on my desk in recent days. Since Musoscribe is a one-person operation, it’s simply not practical to provide in-depth coverage of everything that I find deserving of it. So every now and then I do a collection of capsule reviews. My self-imposed limit for this particular exercise

Album Review: The Penguin Party – Sex Furniture Warehouse

This one earns an A+ before the CD even comes out of the package. Sex Furniture Warehouse and Other Stories by The Penguin Party isn’t just an album. It’s a book as well. And in a very effective example of synergy, the book and the CD both stand on their own; one is not strictly

Album Review: Dave Rave – Live With What You Know

Some albums aren’t very immediate. That is, they require the listener to spend some quality time with them, revealing their charms over repeated listening. Other records — and this is a much rarer occurrence – grab the listener’s heart, or ear, or other appendage. Live With What You Know from Dave Rave plants itself firmly

Album Review: Kool Kat Does Jellyfish

I’ve made my thoughts on the subject clear many times before: I look askance at tribute albums. There are simply too many opportunities to go wrong with such projects. And so most of them are pretty weak stuff. Occasionally, one comes along that offers something worthwhile. The Kool Kat label is one of powerpop’s most

Album Review: Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils – El Sonido Nuevo

When a song kicks off sounding very much like Eddie Cochran’s “Somethin’ Else,” it gets my attention. And then when I discover that the song is instead an original — but one with the word “Secondhand” in its title — I’m amused and intrigued. Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils don’t milk that particular melody

Album Review: Nektar – A Tab in the Ocean

Having come of age in the 1970s, I was familiar with Nektar – the band name, not the music itself – by two means. First, three-inch-square reproductions of their back catalogue items were often reproduced on vinyl inner sleeves, in those “you may also enjoy” ads of the era. And the records themselves I saw

Album Review: Dodd Ferrelle – Lonely Parades

Note: Dodd Ferrelle is playing tonight (August 13 2010) at the Grey Eagle in Asheville NC. Technically, one supposes that Dodd Ferrelle is a singer/songwriter; he’s obviously spent some time getting his heartfelt lyrics just-so. Yet the eleven songs on his latest Lonely Parades can be enjoyed even if the lyrics are ignored; he’s a