November 100-word Reviews, Part 4

My roundup of worthy albums that deserve coverage continues with five more hundred-word reviews. Each of these deserves deeper coverage, but “so much music, so little time.” Dig ’em all. Jinx Jones – Twang-Tastic! The vibe here: Link Wray meets Brian Setzer, with a bit of The Cramps and Los Straitjackets thrown in for good

Album Review: The Fad — The Now Sound

If you lived through the early 1980s in the United States – and were old enough to be at least somewhat plugged in to popular culture – you were aware of the proliferation of “new wave” groups. Many of these acts traded in a style of music that drew inspiration from the pre-“rock star” era,

Best of 2013: Concerts

I had the pleasure of attending more live music shows this year than I could count. A lot. Really. These were my favorites. Click on the titles for a full review/feature. Cody ChesnuTT Owing to my schedule, I passed the interview duties for this one on to my daughter, an able writer/journalist in her own

Coming Attractions

Here at Musoscribe World HQ, things are even busier than usual. The backlog of content I plan to provide gets bigger and bigger every day. And while today’s post does absolutely nothing to relieve the pressure of said backlog, here ya go anyway: a quick look at what I have in the hopper for readers.

It’s a Mondo Zombie Boogaloo!

It’s one thing to make good music. A challenging thing, not to be taken for granted, but as far as live performance goes, ultimately it’s only one part of the mix. Another thing is to put on a good show. Some artists do that without getting the first part of the equation (Gene Simmons, I’m

Album Review: Estrangers — Season of 1000 Colors

If there was a common musical thread connecting most of the several dozen acts at Hopscotch 2013, it was edginess: an approach to songwriting and performance that leaned in an outsider direction. From Pere Ubu (sort of the grand-old-men of the genre) to The Breeders (90s sensations reunited) to John Cale (avant garde giant goes

Busy, Busy, Busy.

I’ve been very busy of late, what with attending the Hopscotch Festival, doing lots of interviews, and listening to a ton of new and reissued music. That’s the excuse I’m going with to explain my otherwise lack of new content today. So instead I’ll take just a moment to let you know what’s coming very

All the Interviews (A-Z)

If, like some of my readers, you’re primarily interested in reading my interviews, features and conversations, then you may find the list below useful. It’s a complete (updated when I remember) index of all my published interviews. Right now there are more than 900 here. 1964 The Tribute / Mark Benson 50 Shades! The Musical

Album Review: Man or Astro-Man? – Defcon 5…4…3…2…1

I often enjoy what one might call “high concept bands.” Our friends at open-source Wikipedia define the term this way: “…a term used to refer to an artistic work that can be easily pitched with a succinctly stated premise.” Examples might include a band that plays twangy instrumental surf-rock while wearing Mexican wrestling masks, doing

Album Review: Vermouth — RetroFuture Pop Exotica

Being of a certain age, I remember the short-lived exotica revival of the nineties. If you blinked, you might’ve missed it: for a brief few moments in 1994, the pre-Beatles hi-fi-centric craze was all the rage. The fleeting revival had as its exemplar a band named after a cocktail, Combustible Edison. Fronted by a female