Chris Cornell Thinks Your Music Video is Cheesy

Story by Annelise Kopp Chris Cornell says that once a song is written and released in some way that it “has its own life.” With each new interpretation of the song and each new place it goes, it embodies something different or more. This is why he says that, as long as the songwriter is

Brothers and Sisters – Sunshine-y Day

In the 1960s and 1970s groups like the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers explored the common ground between rock and country. Their best work in this hybrid genre showed that pedal steel guitars and country-based songs structures could find a home in the rock idiom (and, more importantly, with rock audiences). In the 1980s

American Minor – Winning Over Fans, 942 at a Time

“We’re still paying our dues, man.” So says Rob McCutcheon, vocalist for West Virginia rockers American Minor. Their schedule sometimes finds them performing their classic rock styled originals to audiences who have no idea who the hell these guys are. In March they opened several dates supporting Drive By Truckers, including the set I witnessed,

Aberdeen City – Second Time’s the Charm

Boston quartet Aberdeen City is re-releasing their 2005 debut, The Freezing Atlantic, with a steady stream of live dates to back it up. Their sound mixes equal parts Radiohead and Radiohead. Okay, just kidding, but the group does owe a sonic debt to the group from Oxford. Aberdeen City’s guitarist Ryan Heller doesn’t bristle at

Product Review: Rock Band – The Game

This is Your Brain on Video Review by Bill Kopp and Daniel Kopp Being of a certain age, I didn’t hear about Rock Band, the newest video game from Harmonix, when it first came out in November 2007. But the buzz grew and grew to the point at which everybody knew about it. A bigger

Product Review: Plus Deck Cassette Converter

What a cool concept: now you can take all of your old cassettes and dub them in-line to CD, using your PC. Those tapes — full of great mixes, a musical snapshot of where you were at a given point in time — can now come off the shelf, get dusted off, and can find

Product Review: Microsoft Zune

Microsoft’s Zune Takes on the iPod, and doesn’t lose. First things first: the Microsoft Zune™ is a rival to a little machine you may have heard of called the iPod. Aha. The iPod. How ironic that Microsoft — subject of antitrust lawsuits over the overwhelming market share of its PC operating system Windows — is

Profile: Lance Wille, Record Collector

Born: October 19, 1963 Education: Art studies at Northern Illinois University, Dekalb IL Avocation: Fairview resident Lance Wille is a busy man with diverse interests. He maintains a hand-cranked letterpress studio. He plays drums with underground legends Reigning Sound. He’s married to renowned local artist Sue Million. And he has an extensive collection of LP

Todd Rundgren / Utopia / Nazz: A Critical Essay

DISCOGRAPHY Todd Rundgren Runt (Bearsville) 1970 The Ballad of Todd Rundgren (Bearsville) 1971 Something / Anything? (Bearsville) 1972 A Wizard / A True Star (Bearsville) 1973 Todd (Bearsville) 1974 Initiation (Bearsville) 1975 Faithful (Bearsville) 1976 Hermit of Mink Hollow (Bearsville) 1977 Back To The Bars (Bearsville) 1978 Healing (Bearsville) 1981 The Ever Popular Tortured Artist

Pink Floyd: A Critical Essay

Pink Floyd Discography Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Tower) 1967 A Saucerful of Secrets (Tower) 1968 More (Tower) 1969 Ummagumma (Harvest) 1969 “Zabriskie Point” Soundtrack (MGM/Rhino Movie Music) 1970/1997 Atom Heart Mother (Harvest) 1970 Meddle (Harvest) 1971 Relics (Harvest) 1971 Obscured by Clouds (Harvest) 1972 Dark Side of the Moon (Harvest) 1973 A Nice