Hundred-word Reviews July 2014, Part Three

I’m bound and determined to reduce the contents of my in-box to manageable levels, so this week I’ll be covering 25 albums, each adhering to a 100-word limit. Don’t mistake brevity for a negative review; these are all worthwhile releases. Today’s five – all new music – can all be labeled as progressive, though they

Hundred-word Reviews: New Rock/pop

More albums that deserve your time, but that I haven’t the time nor space to cover in a more in-depth fashion. Levin Minnemann Rudess – s/t This project brings together three of the busiest, most in-demand players on the scene today. Tony Levin (King Crimson) has played on literally thousands of sessions. Marco Minnemann is

Digital December

Longtime readers will know that I review digital releases only in the rarest of cases. Only slightly more often will I cover physical releases for which I have access only to a download (or even more rarely, a stream). However, on special occasions, I’m happy to make exceptions. Said occasions are generally this: the music

Hundred-word Reviews: August 2012

Here’s another installment in my occasional series of capsule reviews, generally covering indie releases. My self-imposed limit for this particular exercise is 100 words on each album. Niels Nielsen – Welcome to the Promising Land of Hi5ers and Hopeless People Saint Marie Records is home to a number of indie-pop acts; for some reason many

Trey Gunn: Have Touch Guitar, Will Travel (part 1)

Trey Gunn is renowned in progressive and avant garde music circles for his technique, expression and boundary-pushing sense of musical adventure. Gunn has worked with (and provided his singular talents to) a wide variety of musical artists; the most high-profile of these would undoubtedly be King Crimson. He played “touch guitar” on record and stage

2010 Odds and Ends (Capsule Reviews)

Even if one is (for example) a reviewer of measured fame and notoriety, one still ends up with a ton of unsolicited and semi-solicited audio material arriving via post. (The latter is sort of, “May I send you my CD?” “Yes, but I can’t promise a review.”) Because I stumble across so much excellent music,

CD Review: Trey Gunn – Modulator

Some concepts look grand on paper, but don’t execute well. Some ideas are great in concept, but fail to launch in practice. Trey Gunn‘s Modulator is a project that succeeds on both counts. The former King Crimson guitarist approached the making of this album in a unique manner. First, he enlisted the aid of drummer