Album Review: Corroncho

If you’re just joining us, you may or may not be aware that Phil Manzanera – Firebird-wielding guitarist extraordinaire known for his work with Roxy Music – has an abiding love for Latin culture. It’s an integral part of his heritage and life story, as well-explained in the documentary Revolution to Roxy, included on his

DVD Review: Brian Eno 1971-1977: The Man Who Fell to Earth

First, the bad news. The people who put out this new critical analysis/history DVD obviously spent no more than a few seconds thinking up a title. What they came up with – Brian Eno 1971-1977: The Man Who Fell to Earth – makes little sense, calls to mind a project Eno had nothing to do

Album Review: Quiet Sun – Mainstream

Perversely titled Mainstream, the sole release by avant-prog-jazz outfit Quiet Sun is in fact as far from that adjective as can be imagined. Recorded in between sessions for Phil Manzanera’s Diamond Head LP, Mainstream featured that guitarist’s old band, reunited to finally create the album never made during the group’s original existence. Quiet Sun broke

Musoscribe’s Best of 2010: Compilations

Some amazing compilations albums came out in 2010. From my standpoint, five of these are especially noteworthy. A highly-regarded DJ and champion of the Northern Soul movement, Scottish-born Keb Darge has curated a long line of compilations. These collections balance the cratedigger/archivist aesthetic with the goal of providing just plain great music. One of Darge’s

Album Review: 801 – 801 Live Collectors Edition

In 1976, taking a break from his duties in Roxy Music while that art-rock group went on hiatus, guitarist Phil Manzanera assembled a group for a one-off (well, three-off, but you get the idea) concert. Drawing in some very heavy friends, Manzanera dubbed the group 801, after a lyric from a song by the group’s

Seven New Album Reviews

Doing my level best to erase the backlog of albums slated for review, I’m pleased to offer up some thoughts on no less than seven recent releases. They include: Phil Manzanera’s 801 – 801 Live Collectors Edition Creedence Clearwater Revival – The Concert (reissue) Creedence Clearwater Revival – Covers the Classics (compilation) Matthew Sweet &