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Musoscribe’s Best of 2010: Compilations

Some amazing compilations albums came out in 2010. From my standpoint, five of these are especially noteworthy. A highly-regarded DJ and champion of the Northern Soul movement, Scottish-born Keb Darge has curated a long line of compilations. These collections balance the cratedigger/archivist aesthetic with the goal of providing just plain great music. One of Darge’s

Musoscribe’s Best of 2010: DVDs

2010 saw release (or re-release) of several noteworthy music-related DVDs. Perhaps the most significant of these is the new film Who Is Harry Nilsson? And Why is Everybody Talkin’ About Him? I just interviewed that film’s director and am working on a feature to be published soon. So for now that one’s not on this

Musoscribe’s Best of 2010: Books

2010 has been an impressive year for music fans. Well, certainly for ones with tastes similar to mine. Over the next few days I’ll be taking a look back at some of the year’s highlights in seven categories: books about music; reissue CDs; music-related DVDs; new CD releases; notable interviews; concerts; and a catch-all category

Musoscribe’s Best of the Naughties

As someone who’s been following pop music for four decades, I am a bit surprised to look back at the now-ending decade (the naughties) and conclude that it’s actually been a good one for music. Here’s my list of the best albums of the past decade. No compilations or retrospectives are included (except ones by