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Best of 2013: New Music

So far this week, I’ve taken looks at my favorite album reissue/compilations; my favorite music-related DVDs; the best concerts of 2013; and three interview subjects who passed away this year. Today I wrap up the retrospective with a rundown of my five favorite new albums for 2013. Click on the titles for a full review

Best of 2013: Concerts

I had the pleasure of attending more live music shows this year than I could count. A lot. Really. These were my favorites. Click on the titles for a full review/feature. Cody ChesnuTT Owing to my schedule, I passed the interview duties for this one on to my daughter, an able writer/journalist in her own

Those We Lost in 2013

Every year, we lose treasured members of music’s history. This year, three of those who passed away were important figures I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing. Click on a name for the full feature. Alvin Lee Though he came to fame with his band Ten Years After via a bravura performance at Woodstock,

Best of 2013: DVDs

Yesterday I did a quick round-up of notable album reissues from 2013. Today it’s DVDs. Click on the titles for a full review (except as noted). Brian Wilson, Songwriter 1969-1982 Those British folks at Sexy Intellectual have only improved since they began their worth series of in-depth critical looks at the bodies of work of

Best of 2013: Reissues/Archival Releases

It’s that time, again: the time of year when I coast to the New Year’s finish line and post a string of best-of lists. It’s not simply a place-holding exercise; I really do recommend these albums etc. and sincerely believe they deserve a look (or a second look). So forthwith… 2013 has seen a number

Peering Into the Archives

I launched the Musoscribe blog in summer 2009, more than four years ago. There are currently more than 1150 interviews, essays and reviews here. But I had been writing about music long before the blog started. In the middle years of the century’s new decade, I had been Editor in Chief for an internationally-available print

My Road Trip Soundtrack

As I prepared for my current 12-hours-each-way trip to visit my parents in Florida (making sure to leave my hoodie at home and not anger the self-appointed watcher of their neighborhood pool; he tried to kick me out last time), I was tasked by my traveling companion to put together a small stack of my

Happy Independence Day, and More

Since today is (a) an American holiday and (b) a mere few days after the halfway point of 2013, I thought that instead of a review, essay or feature, I’d instead run a brief look back at some of the highlights of the year so far. To that end, I’d like to recommend a few

Musoscribe’s Best 12 of 2012, Part Two

Yesterday I covered six of the best and most notable (but under-the-radar) releases of 2012. Here are six more. World Party – Arkeology Karl Wallinger was one of those artists we feared “lost in action.” He suffered an aneurysm a few years back, and that meant (among other more serious things) that there was no

Musoscribe’s Best 12 of 2012, Part One

Yeah, everybody does their “Best of the Year” lists. Why should I be any different? Well, partly because I can’t help it. My own tastes are decidedly outside the mainstream. But I’d argue that my favorites belong in the mainstream, because they’re that good. In fact most of my top twelve releases of 2012 are