Musoscribe’s Best of 2023: Books

From my perspective, 2023 has been another great year for books about music. It wasn’t easy limiting my selections of the year’s favorites to just four, but these titles all deserve recognition.

Various – The White Label Promo Preservation Society Vol. 2
An even deeper dive than the first volume, this one is stuffed with compelling writing that will lead you in search of these albums you might not have heard. Full review here.

Harold Bronson – Time Has Come Today
As both music journalist and record company executive, Bronson has had a close-up perspective on popular music. He’s a good storyteller, too, as this diary-like memoir makes plain. Full review here.

Edoardo Genzolini – Cream: Clapton, Bruce & Baker Sitting On Top of the World
Genzolini is a master at this kind of book: drawing from the experiences of them-who-was-there, he presents images and words that will make the modern-day reader feel as if they are there, in Cream’s late sixties heyday. Full review here.

David Menconi – Oh, Didn’t They Ramble
Rounder Records occupies an important place in the pantheon of modern-day music (especially of the Americana sort). And North Carolina treasure David Menconi is the man to tell the story of the label. Full review here, and video of my conversation with Menconi here.