Preview: Nerd Nite Asheville – The Mellotron!

In my part of the country, there’s a vibrant storytelling tradition. Here in Asheville, there’s a hip spin on that, one that combines beer (always a good thing) and the obsessive nature of types variously known as anoraks, trainspotters, boffins,… or nerds. Each month, Nerd Nite Asheville features a selection of those nerds, each of whom gives a fifteen-minute talk on a pet topic.

Mine’s the Mellotron. Anyone who knows me in real life probably knows that the mighty ‘Tron is my favorite musical instrument in the whole world. I’ve told many times the brief tale of my near-brush with Mellotron ownership, and my personal music collection is overflowing with ‘Tron-soaked music.

If you’re in or near Asheville on Thursday, November 9, I invite you to attend Nerd Nite Asheville at RAD Brewing Company in Asheville’s River Arts District. You can hear several fascinating nerds tell their stories. And I’ll hip you to the wonders of what I like to call “the British sports car of musical instruments.”

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about Mellotrons – and hey, who wouldn’t, right? – I’d direct you to the links below. They’ll take you to various discussions with the players who, um, play them. And more.