30 Days Out, March 2023 #1: Stews, Beths, Martin Sexton, Bask

There’s lots going on musically in and around Asheville in the next 30 days. Here are some highlights.

Artist: The Stews
Venue: Salvage Station
Date: Friday, March 3, 8 p.m.
Door: $13
Based in Auburn, Alabama, this four-piece recorded their debut at legendary FAME Studio in Muscle Shoals. Their debut long player, What Was came out in 2022. Melodic, soulful, sometimes impassioned and occasionally understated, The Stews have it goin’ on. Easy Honey opens.

Artist: The Beths
Venue: The Orange Peel
Date: Monday, March 6, 8 p.m.
Door: $23
Home to legends like Split Enz and the Chills, New Zealand has a proud tradition of distinctive indie rock. The Beths are part of that tradition. Elizabeth Stoke’s lovely vocals are just one of the appealing qualities of this band, active since 2014. They’re stars at home; the band’s third and latest, Expert in a Dying Field soared to the #1 spot on the NZ album charts. One listen and it’s easy to understand why.

Artist: Martin Sexton
Venue: The Grey Eagle
Date: Friday, March 10, 8 p.m.
Door: $30
New York-born Sexton began releasing albums in 1992; today he has more than a dozen to his credit. His 1996 track “Glory Bound” ranks among his best-known tunes, but there are gems throughout his catalog, characterized by a wide-encompassing style that draws from soul rock and Americana.

Artist: Bask
Venue: Asheville Music Hall
Date: Friday, March 10, 8 p.m.
Door: $12
Based in Asheville, the ultra-heavy Bask deftly combines hard rock and Americana in a way that sets them apart. Their sound owes a debt to Black Sabbath, but they have a character all their own. Secret Shame and Manas are also on the bill. I reviewed the band’s third album way back in 2019.

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