Interview Roundup: Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson is one of the busiest and most fascinating artists working today. His list of credits is massive and ever-growing. Once thought of as a progressive rock artist, today he’s recognized as someone whose work transcends that genre and many others. He may be best-known for his superb remix/remaster work on countless albums form rock and pop’s classic era, but his solo career is deservedly high-profile as well. And for those who dig even a tiny bit deeper, there are his other projects, past and present: porcupine Tree, no-man, Storm Corrosion, Bass Communion, Blackfield, I.E.M… the list goes on and on.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of witnessing Wilson onstage, both as a solo artist and leading Porcupine Tree. I’ve also interviewed the man on multiple occasions. He’s as thoughtful, engaging and articulate as one might guess. Here’s a rundown of my SW interviews. But please note that there may be others not enumerated here. And I sincerely hope there will be more in the future.