30 Days Out, October 2021 #2: Scott Miller, JackTown Ramblers, Land of the Sky Symphonic Band, GWAR

The eclectic nature that was a defining characteristic of Asheville’s live music scene is returning in these safer-than-recent-months times. Over the next 30 day, you have opportunities to enjoy music that combines things you might not expect: country rock (okay, that one’s a bit obvious but this guy is special), scum rock (stay with me here), gypsy jazz and bluegrass (didn’t see that coming) and orchestral and Halloween themes.

Artist: Scott Miller
Venue: The Grey Eagle
Date: Friday, Oct. 15, 8 p.m.
Door: $17 advance / $25 day of show
The V-Roys were truly special. They combined country and rock textures I na way that didn’t sound or feel at all like Eagles, thank goodness. They were the kind of outfit that truly earned the tag of “alt” in alt-country. The group edned more than two decades ago, but main songwriter Scott Miller maintains the quality standard set decades ago. I reviewed a V-Roys comp just over a decade ago; my observations still apply. Willi Carlisle opens.

Artist: The JackTown Ramblers
Venue: Isis Music Hall
Date: Saturday, Oct. 30, 8:30 p.m.
Door: $15*
The JackTown Ramblers combine gypsy jazz and bluegrass, and they make it work, with superb musicianship. In early 2020 I wrote a feature on this unique band, but – thanks, Covid – the relevant show was canceled, and the story didn’t run until many months later. Read more about ‘em now, here. *My standard caveat about this venue applies here: They require a $20 per person food purchase in addition to the ticket. Sorta like Vegas. So much for “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” eh?

Artist: Land of the Sky Symphonic Band
Venue: White Horse Black Mountain
Date: Sunday, Oct. 31, 7:30 p.m.
Door: $18 advance / $20 day of show
There aren’t a great deal of opportunities to take in symphonic music outside of the rarefied concert hall setting, but this is one, featuring local talent (of which there is plenty). I don’t have details on what exactly constitutes a Halloween-themed musical program, but I am certain it will be enjoyable regardless.

Artist: GWAR
Venue: The Orange Peel
Date: Wednesday, Nov. 10, 8 p.m.
Door: $30
Most certainly not for the faint of heart, a GWAR show is like nothing else. If you thought Alice Cooper was too tame, you might – might, I caution – be ready for GWAR. Even if you’re not particularly enamored of their music (a slightly monochromatic metallic roar, if we’re being honest about it) their show is something to behold. A visual spectacle like no other. I experienced GWAR in 2014; read my report here. Pro tip: wear old clothes.