Album Mini-review: Siena Root — A Dream of Lasting Peace

File next to: Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Iron Butterfly

When Siena Root debuted with 2004’s A New Day Dawning, their music displayed a solid fixation with heavy, 1970s-style rock. The music was solid if a bit undistinguished. But in the decade to follow, the Swedish quintet honed its approach to a sharp point, and – after countless personnel changes – settled upon its current sound lineup. It’s all here: molten guitar lines, rumbling bass, roaring organ, thunderous drums, mock-heroic vocals. To those who love Machine Head-era Deep Purple and Uriah Heep circa Demons and Wizards, A Dream of Lasting Peace will be warmly received. Anyone who believes that all the primordial riffs have been spun will thrill to Siena Root; the musicians manage to sound fresh and new while wearing their shamelessly derivative hearts on their sleeve. Bonus points for the cover art’s clever, knowing take on both BÖC and Klaatu’s Sir Army Suit. – BK