Seven Years!


This week marks the seven-year anniversary of the launch of my Musoscribe blog. I started it in June 2009, and by July I had settled into my once-a-day posting routine. For seven years since, I’ve posted new content – a feature, interview review or essay – every single business day. About a year ago I moved the blog to a different server, and at that point I added in back-dated content (more reviews and features) from my pre-blogging days; over 135 pieces, in fact. Today, visitors to Musoscribe will find well in excess of 2100 written pieces, including more than 300 interviews. If anything, I’m writing more now than ever before, so if Musoscribe is the kind of thing you might like, there will be more to like in the future. Please explore the site, and if you dig what you find, please invite your musically-inclined friends to do the same. — bk