Preview: Led Zeppelin 2

I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. My dad was transferred there in February 1972 when I was in grade school, and I lived in and around Atlanta until 2000. Although the American south has never really been a major concert destination for rock acts, Atlanta was – even then – big enough to rate inclusion on megatours. I remember when Wings came to The Omni (“don’t look for it; it’s not there anymore”) in 1976. A mere lad of twelve, I called the TICKETS hotline in hopes of spending $7 on a seat. The only tickets remaining were behind the stage, so I demurred, telling myself, “I’ll see Paul McCartney the next time he’s in town.” I actually did, but I was married with two young kids by that time.

A lot of the really big concerts were booked at the Atlanta Stadium (also now gone). The Beatles played there in 1965 (fifty years ago yesterday, in fact!); there exists a decent audio bootleg of the show. I recall one particular week in the mid 1970s, though for the life of me I don’t recall the year. Both Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd had scheduled dates at the stadium. I didn’t go to either, as I was still too young for such things. (My first concert was Electric Light Orchestra at The Omni in October 1978.)

I did manage to see Pink Floyd in the David Gilmour-led version, both in 1987 (The Omni again) and 1994 (Bobby Dodd Stadium at Georgia Tech). And I saw Jimmy Page with The Firm in the early 1980s. But this coming weekend, I’ll have the opportunity (of sorts) to make up for that missed mid 70s opportunity. I’m seeing a pair of acclaimed tribute bands – Led Zeppelin 2 and The Australian Pink Floyd Show – in Charlotte NC.

In recent years, there’s been a sharp rise in the popularity of tribute bands overall. Maybe it’s down to aging baby boomers wanting to recapture the excitement of their younger days. Maybe it’s because today’s rock – at least in its most commercial variant – isn’t very compelling. Whatever the reason, tribute acts are all over the place, and the general standard to which they hold themselves is rather high. Our hometown venue – Asheville’s Orange Peel – books a staggering number of tribute bands, and they’re always well-attended. So well-attended, in fact, that many of them include Asheville on their circuit once or even twice a year. That’s somewhat amazing.

In the past, I’ve interviewed the members of Pink Floyd tribute group The Machine not once, but twice. And I interviewed the members of Beatles-themed 1964: The Tribute as well. I’m interested in what they do, how they do it, and (besides the cash) why they do it. So it’s with great pleasure that I will be interviewing the Led Zeppelin 2 guys right before the show this coming Friday. Look for a feature based on all that, coming soon to Musoscribe.

Here’s a clip of Led Zeppelin 2 performing “Immigrant Song.” These guys aren’t messing about.

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