Photoblogging: Moogfest 2012

Wielding my Official Photo Pass™, I took a bunch of shots at Moogfest with my old-fashioned 35mm camera. The results were less than stellar, owing in part to the fact that you can’t easily get super-fast ISO1600 film liked I used back in the olden days. Anyway, that’s my excuse. Here are some photo highlights; my written summary of the festival will appear soon.

This is what Primus 3D looked like without 3D glasses.

The hands-on Moog exhibit, full of synths, processors and Theremins.

A very sexy Moog Voyager. I spent a lot of time fiddling with it.

Magnetic Fields, seated and destined mostly to remain thus.

Thomas Dolby gets awarded an “extended for your pleasure” Moog Voyager.

Thomas Dolby and band.

Thomas and band again.

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