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Interview: Dūrocs’ Scott Mathews and Ron Nagle, Part Five

Bill Kopp: How did you come to have Elliot Mazer co-produce? Did you pick him or did Capitol say, “Here’s the guy.” And how do you think his presence affected the nature of the final product? Scott Mathews: He was in San Francisco, and he had a studio. He let us come in and do

Interview: Dūrocs’ Scott Mathews and Ron Nagle, Part Four

Bill Kopp: There was no Dūrocs II. Was your deal with Capitol a one-off or were you dropped? Ron Nagle: I don’t even remember how we were informed. I think it was some sort of Dear John letter. Scott Mathews: Clearly, it was a two-way street. After we had that meeting with Bobby Colomby, there

Interview: Dūrocs’ Scott Mathews and Ron Nagle, Part Three

Bill Kopp: So you guys were originally signed by A&M, but – as I understand it – that was around the time that A&M figured out it didn’t know what to do with rock bands, especially unusual, hard-to-pigeonhole ones. The Tubes got dropped after doing arguably their best albums for the label – Remote Control

Interview: Dūrocs’ Scott Mathews and Ron Nagle, Part Two

Scott Mathews: [The music on Dūrocs] does run the gamut. You’ve got songs like “No Fool No Fun,” and other songs we wrote from the deepest of our hearts, in a melancholy sort of way. Like “One Day at a Time”… Ron Nagle: And “Don’t Let the Dream Die.” Another thing, to give you some

Interview: Dūrocs’ Scott Mathews and Ron Nagle, Part One

File Dūrocs under Records You Probably Never Heard. Released in 1979 to critical plaudits but commercial indifference, the sole album from the “group” of the same name quickly went the way of the cutout bin. But the music therein was more deeply-layered than one might expect. While the music – the instrumentation and arrangement –

Moogfest 2012 Recap, Part 4

The Magnetic Fields On one level, the selection of The Magnetic Fields was an odd choice for Moogfest. The group’s music has mutated through a variety of approaches and styles over their 20-plus year history. And according to the bio on the Moogfest site, “Their current album Love at the Bottom of the Sea brings

Happy Thanksgiving

I’ve been running this blog for just shy of three and a half years now, posting new content just about every business day (I’ve missed a few, and when life intrudes, I occasionally reach back in to the archives and repost something old, but I haven’t done that very often at all). One tradition I

Moogfest 2012 Recap, Part 3

Hands-on Moog Exhibit A key component of Moogfest is the showcasing of its namesake’s electronic innovations. With Moog Music’s headquarters and factory a mere few blocks away, it made perfect sense to offer an interactive setup wherein visitors could fiddle around with Voyagers, Little Phattys, Etherwaves, Moogerfoogers and more. Making it even better, participation in

Moogfest 2012 Recap, Part 2

Primus 3D In the run-up to Moogfest, fans wondered what-the-hell the appended “3D” would mean for the show by Les Claypool‘s sorta-prog band. Once I entered the sports arena that is the Asheville Civic Center (recently and sneakily rebranded as the Sponsor’s-name-here Arena, but they’re not paying me, so Civic Center it is), the answer

Moogfest 2012 Recap, Part 1

The 2012 Moogfest was quite a different creature than its 2011 predecessor. While Moogfest 2011 was a three-day event with a large number of stages – venues indoor and out – the 2012 event scaled back to five indoor venues. (The “indoor” change made real sense: October weather in Asheville NC is unpredictable. It’s often