Bootleg Bin: Kirsty MacColl – 06-28-92 Glastonbury

Kirsty MacColl was famous for a few things. One, her dad was famed folksinger Ewan MacColl. Two, she wrote and recorded the original version of the girl-group pastiche “They Don’t Know”, later covered by Tracey Ullman. Three, she was a writer and vocalist of some stylistic range, having worked with Johnny Marr, Shane McGowan, Evan Dando and many others. Four, she died tragically in the Gulf of Mexico.

But despite her fame (especially in the UK) there aren’t a lot of Kirsty MacColl bootlegs out there to begin with, so finding this one is a real prize. It’s a soundboard from the Glastonbury Festival. The band is tight and Kirsty sings the hits (some of ’em, anyway), plus some unexpected covers. A short disc (under 40 min.) but worth it no matter what if you’re a fan.

Difficulty to Locate: 8 out of 10
General Listenability: 10 out of 10

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