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Album Review: The Diodes – Action/Reaction

I remember when I first heard about the Sex Pistols and this new thing called “punk rock.” It must have been around 1977 or so; a news piece on the weekly TV news magazine show 60 Minutes showed then-shocking photos of people with mohawks and whatnot, roaming the streets of London. I recall that the

DVD Review: Composing Outside the Beatles

I have to admit it: as a music journalist/critic myself, I absolutely love this sort of thing. When it’s done well, a documentary such as Composing Outside the Beatles: Lennon and McCartney 1973-1980 can be the source of new-found wisdom about its subjects. And this documentary is done very well. It’s conventional wisdom that John

Album Review: Michael Mazzarella – Songwriter

I’ve noticed an interesting mini-trend of late: high-quality but relatively obscure (commercially speaking) recording artists are putting together and releasing multiple-disc sets. These are taking the form of Odds and Sods-style compilations, bringing together alternate takes, demos, unreleased tracks, covers, collaborations, live versions and whatnot. Karl Wallinger is readying release of his own World Party

Free Music Friday: The Del Fuegos

Remember The Del Fuegos? Highly regarded back in the day, they were. I’m glad to see/hear they’re back with new music. The new EP is called Silver Star, and I’m pleased to offer one of the tracks from it. Do check it out (link no longer valid). More info soon, perhaps.

Album Review: The Well Wishers – Dreaming of the West Coast

I play in a cover band. And I make no apologies for doing so: my thinking is, until I or a bandmate can write songs as good as the ones I enjoy on a daily basis, I’ll leave the songwriting to others. As I tell people, I don’t write music, I write about music. And

Album Review: Steve Kusaba – Centrifugal Satz Clock

One of the most outré submissions I’ve ever accepted for review is the new work entitled Centrifugal Satz Clock: Morning by Steve Kusaba. The work very nearly defies accurate description. First of all, there’s the sheer breadth of the album: it sprawls across six CDs. There are more than seventy tracks contained therein, and the

From the Beginning to Now: The Greg Lake Interview, Part Two

Continued from Part One… Bill Kopp: To me, one of the most appealing things about Emerson, Lake & Palmer was that each of you brought your own dimension, your own strengths to the trio. This is an oversimplification, but Keith had the virtuosity and showmanship, Carl had the power and precision, and you brought your

From the Beginning to Now: The Greg Lake Interview, Part One

For a band that – for all intents and purposes – ceased operation in 1979, progressive rock giants Emerson, Lake & Palmer still get their share of attention. Save for a few years’ worth of albums and touring in the mid-1990s, the only post-seventies work from ELP was a one-off reunion in 2010 to celebrate

Musoscribe at Ignite Asheville is Tomorrow (yikes)

Tomorrow – Tuesday, February 21, 2012 – I will be giving what’s called a “lightning talk” at an event called Ignite Asheville. The format is deceptively simple. Presenters – I’m one of eleven ten – are each given exactly five minutes to speak on a topic of their choosing (we submitted proposals and were chosen

The Explorers Club: A Five-Star Hotel (part two)

Continued from Part One… Bill Kopp: I was blown away by The Explorers Club‘s precision onstage in Asheville recently. What made it more amazing was when I learned that the bassist was a stand-in – he even sang some leads – and that your merch guy was playing a few dates as well. How do