Seven-inch Vinyl Roundup, Part Two

Continued from my last entry…

Dave Rave / Madnuts – Double Single
I loved Dave Rave’s Live With What You Know, so I figured I’d dig his side of the single. “Rock the Party” aims for anthem territory, and would have fit nicely on the soundtrack to Rock & Roll High School. With its timeless vibe and vaguely Bo Diddley-sort of beat, it’s easy to imaging a screen full of extras twisting and frugging to Rave and band as they chant “I don’t care” and similar sentiments. “Gimme Gimme Gimme” Rave punks it up for a swaggering, slightly menacing rocker. Imagine “Pump it Up” covered by The Damned. Much harder-rocking than the platter of powerpop served up on Live With What You Know, Rave’s side of this single likely captures something closer to his live show.

The Italy-based Madnuts have a slightly Merseybeat approach, sprinkled with a more modern vibe a la Hoodoo Gurus. “We Need Time” evokes the paisley underground scene of the 1980s, but ultimately owes more to the sixties. When a clanging piano figure comes in near the song’s end, it’s a surprise addition to what had been a simple riffy rocker. “Living Too Fast” kicks off with a drum solo and then moves into a jittery, stuttering melody, then into an almost powerpop arrangement…then back to the jitters. Then, a long and catchy guitar solo. The song is stuffed with more ideas than one usually finds in a three-minute pop song. As a sampler, this does the trick: I’d love to hear more from these guys.

The 7” Dave Rave / Madnuts 33 RPM disc is encased in a sturdy four-color gatefold sleeve.

The Ceiling Stares / The Super Vacations – Split 7” Record
This limited-run 33 RPM disc is pressed on green or purple vinyl (mine’s purple) and features one song from The Ceiling Stares and two by The Super Vacations.

The Ceiling Stares’ “A Tunnel Though the Air” combines sixties garage sonic elements – cheesy organ, distorted fuzz guitar – and creates something decidedly more modern in the process. Lots of spirited harmony vocals contrast nicely with the garage vibe, and a stomping beat propels this catchy rocker along. The Super Vacations play what we used to call pilled-up rock. Wedding pop melodies (with lush vocal harmonies) to an amphetamine beat, “Hexing” is a bit reminiscent of The Lime Spiders. (I thought there was a second track called “Controller” but I guess they segue together.)

Lovely packaging and full-color cover art on this one.

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