Two Years of Musoscribe: The Beatles

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of this blog, I’m taking the opportunity to look back over some of the more than five hundred blog entries I’ve posted. I’ve conducted interviews, written essays and reviewed new albums, reissues and DVDs. Like many people of my generation, The Beatles are my favorite group. Here’s a collection of Beatles-related writing I’ve done over the last couple of years.

  • The book The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones revives that age-old rivalry with wit and style.
  • John Borack’s wonderful book Life is What Happens looks at John Lennon from the points of view of music and memorabilia.
  • I saw Paul McCartney in concert in 2010. Here’s a concert review.
  • The box set Collaborations compiled the work that George Harrison and Ravi Shankar did together.
  • After George passed away, his friends put together the amazing, moving, entertaining Concert for George.
  • John Lennon Rare and Unseen is a cut above most DVD projects of its ilk.
  • I worked with Ken Brown on an unpublished manuscript covering his time with proto-Beatles group The Quarrymen. Here’s the lowdown on that unreleased project.
  • Modern instro-soul/funk group Soulive released their take on the Beatles on an album called Rubber Soulive.
  • But Booker T & the MGs did it first (and best) on McLemore Avenue.
  • Lots more Beatles-related stuff. Here’s nine more.

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