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Album Review: The Mixtures – Stompin’ at the Rainbow

There’s long been a school of thought that pushed the notion that rock nearly died in the late fifties. The argument goes something like this: Buddy Holly died in the plane crash, Elvis went into the army, Little Richard found Jesus, Jerry Lee Lewis discredited himself with the whole child-bride episode, Chuck Berry got busted,

Album Review: King Crimson – Islands (40th Anniversary Edition)

From the album’s opening strains of “featured player” Harry Miller’s string bass, it’s clear that Islands is going to be quite a different affair from its predecessors. Released in 1971, King Crimson’s fourth long player found the incredible self-destructing band reinventing itself once again. The 1969 debut In the Court of the Crimson King was

Coming Attractions: February

There are quite a few things in the proverbial hopper here at Musoscribe World HQ. Here’s just a sampling of what’s to come. New music from Robin Trower, Jakko M. Jakszyk, North Atlantic Oscillation, The Agony Aunts, Corinne Bailey Rae, Ivan Julian, The High Llamas, Cake, Blackfield, Mars Hollow, and The Sterling Loons. And others.

Interview: Steven Wilson on Porcupine Tree Rarities

Porcupine Tree recently reissued the rare outtakes disc Recordings. I spoke with group leader Steven Wilson about that album and other currently-unavailable material from the band. We also discussed his thoughts on working with other artists, something he does a lot of. — bk Bill Kopp: Over the last several years you’ve managed to make

DVD Review: Insurgentes

Steven Wilson is a man with a lot on his mind. The peripatetic and almost impossibly prolific composer/musician has his hand in a myriad of musical projects: Porcupine Tree, solo work, Bass Communion, no-man, Blackfield. He produces other artists. He is deep into the remixing and remastering of the legendarily influential King Crimson back catalogue.

Interview: Steven Wilson on Audience Taping

Not that this writer would ever admit to being a collector of unreleased live and studio recordings – perish that thought – the ethics and controversy surrounding the practice of taping shows is an interesting topic. I recently spoke with Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson about his band’s policy on that practice. We also discussed the

Interview: Steven Wilson on the King Crimson 40th Anniversary Reissue Project

Steven Wilson – leader of Porcupine Tree – was chosen by King Crimson mainstay Robert Fripp to handle the work of remixing and remastering the King Crimson catalog in connection with that band’s 40th Anniversary reissue series. To date five of these albums have been released as part of this project; reviews of three of

Richie Havens: On a Quest to Meet Everyone in the World

Today is Richie Havens’ 70th birthday. In his honor I present my December 2008 interview with the man who may quite possibly be the nicest interview subject I’ve ever encountered. — bk   “Change” is the big buzzword this year. Singer/guitarist Richie Havens released his first major-label LP, Mixed Bag, in 1967. Now, more than

Album Review: Ray Charles – Rare Genius: The Undiscovered Masters

During his lifetime, Ray Charles released something like sixty albums of original material; that doesn’t begin to include hundreds of compilations, posthumous releases, guest spots, reissues and the like. With a recording career that spanned from 1949 until his death in 2004, Charles masterfully traded in a variety of styles, creating a few of his

Album Review: Agents of Mercy – Dramarama

Swedish quintet Agents of Mercy’s album Dramarama occupies that curious yet sweet spot between progressive rock and pop-rock. The group’s sonic approach draws on the usual suspects, but if they sound like any other group, it’s post-Peter Gabriel era Genesis before that group went (too far) in the pop direction. That Nad Sylvan is a