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Musoscribe’s Best of 2010: New Releases

While it’s true that a staggering amount of music crosses my desk each year, a large percentage of it tends to be reissues, archival releases and the like. Those are my area of specialty and interest. But I am a keen follower of new music as well. My tastes rarely coincide with anything like the

Musoscribe’s Best of 2010: Live Shows

I was lucky enough to attend nearly two dozen concerts in 2010. Most of the shows were at small, intimate clubs; a couple were in large halls or arenas. I primarily went to local shows in Asheville NC, but occasionally traveled out of town, and for a couple, nearly halfway across the country. With few

Musoscribe’s Best of 2010: Reissues

Concord merits mention yet again, this time for being responsible for two of the best reissued CDs of 2010. They’re also the two (of these five) by artists you’ll likely recognize. Ray Charles’ Genius + Soul = Jazz gets the deluxe treatment via superb sound, relevant bonus tracks galore and scholarly liner notes from Will Friedwald.

Musoscribe’s Best of 2010: Compilations

Some amazing compilations albums came out in 2010. From my standpoint, five of these are especially noteworthy. A highly-regarded DJ and champion of the Northern Soul movement, Scottish-born Keb Darge has curated a long line of compilations. These collections balance the cratedigger/archivist aesthetic with the goal of providing just plain great music. One of Darge’s

Musoscribe’s Best of 2010: DVDs

2010 saw release (or re-release) of several noteworthy music-related DVDs. Perhaps the most significant of these is the new film Who Is Harry Nilsson? And Why is Everybody Talkin’ About Him? I just interviewed that film’s director and am working on a feature to be published soon. So for now that one’s not on this

Musoscribe’s Best of 2010: Interviews

In 2010 I conducted a long list of interviews, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every single one of them. Some were in-person; some were phoners, and couple used Skype. In every case I believe I came away with a better understanding of what makes the artist tick. But a few interviews stood

2010 Odds and Ends (Capsule Reviews)

Even if one is (for example) a reviewer of measured fame and notoriety, one still ends up with a ton of unsolicited and semi-solicited audio material arriving via post. (The latter is sort of, “May I send you my CD?” “Yes, but I can’t promise a review.”) Because I stumble across so much excellent music,

Musoscribe’s Best of 2010: Books

2010 has been an impressive year for music fans. Well, certainly for ones with tastes similar to mine. Over the next few days I’ll be taking a look back at some of the year’s highlights in seven categories: books about music; reissue CDs; music-related DVDs; new CD releases; notable interviews; concerts; and a catch-all category

The City Champs – Representing Their Hometown (part 2)

Continued from Part One… BK: The last time I saw you, you were up the street at the Orange Peel, opening for the North Mississippi All-stars. While I’d imagine that touring with them was a good break for the band on many levels, I would think that their fan base might not line up 100%

The City Champs – Representing Their Hometown

In January 2010 I reviewed The Safecracker, the debut album from Memphis soul/jazz instrumental trio The City Champs. A month later I saw them onstage for a great show at Asheville NC’s Orange Peel. This fall the trio returned to town for a show, and I took the opportunity to sit down pre-show with guitarist