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CD Review: T. Rex – The Slider

T. Rex was really two distinct groups in succession. The first — actually called Tyrannosaurus Rex — was Marc Bolan, ex John’s Children of The Legendary Orgasm Album infamy — plus Steve “Peregrine” Took on bongos and whatnot. Their hippy-dippy indulgences were sort of Donovan-on-heavier-drugs. But by 1971 Bolan had seen the light, and that

DVD Review: Ginger Baker’s Airforce – Live 1970

I must admit I was thrilled and filled with anticipation when I recently learned of this DVD’s existence. Ginger Baker — then late of Blind Faith, and before that Cream — put together a groundbreaking supergroup in the waning days of the 1960s. While Ginger Baker’s Airforce is most often thought of — when it’s

Holiday Roundup 2010

Every year around this time, various artists and labels take a shot at getting their piece of the holiday shopper’s dollar. Some efforts are more successful than others, and sometimes good collections fly under the radar. Today we’ll take a look at four titles aimed at the 2010 holiday season. Christmas With the O’Jays is

Happy Thanksgiving

For my readers in the USA, today is the Thanksgiving Holiday. I’m taking the day off from the blog to spend time with my kids. Best wishes to you and yours. Here’s a clip representing something that is — for me — a Thanksgiving tradition right up there with overeating.

Album Review: The Goldenhour – Tonight Becomes Tomorrow

This internet thing, it’s interesting. Time was — when I was growing up, to take the most handy example — if you were a fan of a certain subgenre of musical called powerpop, you were largely on your own. Living in a big city in the 70s and 80s might have made it easier than

Album Review: Stereolab – Not Music

Call it deceptive — or at least misleading — labeling. With a title like Not Music, the uninitiated might be led to believe that this latest collection from Stereolab is some sort of atonal excursion in to the world of analog synthesizer. Not that would be a bad thing, you understand. But Not Music is

DVD Review: Uriah Heep – Easy Livin’: The Early Years Live

Look, you’re gonna love this one or you’re gonna hate it. And honestly you don’t need to read a review it to know which (but thank you anyway!). Uriah Heep is one of those bands that some love to hate. Me, I love ’em. In the early 1980s Spinal Tap deftly skewered the whole heavy

Bootleg Bin: The Fabulous Poodles – Live 1979

“Well, fame at last! Shave my beard and call me normal!” exclaimed Tony de Meur, in 2005 upon learning of the existence of these two radio broadcast recordings of The Fabulous Poodles. The Fabulous Poodles were never what one would classify as “normal.” Coming on full-throttle in those heady days of new wave, they combined

Album Review: Jefferson Airplane- Grace’s Debut

Grace Slick made her onstage debut with the Jefferson Airplane on October 16, 1966; the band played two shows the night before with Grace’s predecessor Signe Anderson. Long a mainstay of the underground collectors’ scene, this historic recording now receives official release. Right out of the gate the band seems intent on showing the Fillmore

Feature/Interview: Black Mountain

“It’s always been in our nature to be somewhat contrary,” chuckles Joshua Wells, drummer for Vancouver-based Black Mountain. The band has always had an interest in “taking things in a different direction. I don’t think there’s any point in making the same record twice, right?” The quintet’s self-titled debut came out in 2005, followed by