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Album Review: Putumayo Presents Yoga

I don’t practice yoga. But through my work with clients in my parallel career, I have become very familiar with the aesthetic of this ancient practice. To criminally oversimplify, it’s a holistic mind/body/soul kinda thing. Like many activities, the practice of yoga can be enhanced (or facilitated, or complemented) by the addition of music. To

Book Review: A Wizard, A True Star: Todd Rundgren in the Studio

Here’s the thing: I occasionally review books, but I certainly never sit down to write a review before I’ve actually finished reading that book. It only makes sense. Rules are made to be broken. And Paul Myers’ A Wizard, A True Star: Todd Rundgren in the Studio is so friggin’ awesome that I simply couldn’t

The Buzztones’ Show of Excellence

Way back in 2002 I put together a band to play covers of some of my favorite music. Then as now I was especially into mid 60s garage, psych and proto-punk. In addition to that music’s vitality and immediacy, much of it had the handy benefit of also being relatively easy to play. I put

Interview: Keb Darge

Renowned DJ Keb Darge built a name for himself in music without playing an instrument, writing songs or singing. First as a dancer, he gained notoriety in the clubs. Then he gained fame as a DJ and champion of what the British call “northern soul,” a scene that hybridized the style of the UK mod

Single Review: Sky Parade/Grand Atlantic

I don’t usually review singles (remember those?) but this one warrants attention. Sky Parade is a band fronted by Tommy Dietrick (ex-Brian Jonestown Massacre). The band’s song “I Should Be Coming Up (But I Keep Coming Down)” weds psych-pop with shoegaze and a discofied beat, resulting in a vibe not at all unlike Stone Roses.

Interview: Richard Barone – The Warm Glow of Creativity (part 2)

continued from part one… Bill Kopp: The lead guitar on the title track has a very Robert Fripp feel to it. Is that the digital guitar and e-bow? Richard Barone: All the guitars on that track are the Gibson digital guitar, except for the dual solo that’s played by myself and Steve Addabbo. I’m playing

Interview: Richard Barone – The Warm Glow of Creativity (part 1)

In the 1980s, Richard Barone led the alterna-pop/new wave group The Bongos. Since that time he’s remained busy producing other artists, recording and performing as a solo artist, and even writing a book. On the eve of the release of his long-awaited album Glow, I spoke at length with him about the album’s genesis, some

Album Review: Gold Motel – Summer House

I’m pretty sure I’m no sexist, but for whatever reason, female vocalists have to jump a pretty high bar to give me any joy. There are certainly exceptions, artists whose work is exceptional regardless of gender: Aretha Franklin, Grace Slick, Sharon Jones, Nina Persson and many others quickly come to mind. But in the same

Album Review: Claudette King – We’re Onto Something

Yes, I know, I know. Return visitors to this site may notice that quite a few of my album reviews begin with a brief (or not-so-brief) section in which I essentially say, “I had plenty of reasons not to dig this, but…” And here we go again. When We’re Onto Something, a blues album by

Concert Review: Dungen – Asheville NC, Sep. 12 2010

“Hello. We are The Pixies.” That was the puckish greeting that Gustav Estjes — leader of Swedish folkrockpsych quartet Dungen proffered to the audience on a recent Saturday night at Asheville North Carolina’s Grey Eagle. This was either the third or fourth visit the group has made here; neither their tour manager nor I could