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Crate-digging at the Dog Groomers

It’s so long ago now that I can’t nail down a specific date – and even the year is something of a guess – when it took place. And my memory is completely blank as to how we found out about it. But it was a big deal nonetheless, one that set me on a

The Steve Hackett Interview, Part Three

Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth features the instrumental “Ghost in the Glass.” Hackett says that “I was influenced by working with my former keyboard colleague Nick Magnus.” There was a particular chord Magnus used “right around the time of Defector [1980]. I can’t tell you particularly technically what the name for it is, but if

The Steve Hackett Interview, Part Two

Some songwriters claim that music comes to them fully formed; others craft the songs from the ground up, bit by bit. Steve Hackett says that “I find that songs don’t come fully-formed, but some sections come fully-formed. Normally I’ve got a giant jigsaw with a thousand different disconnected bits that sometimes seem to belong together,

The Steve Hackett Interview, Part One

Guitarist Steve Hackett has charted a long and successful career as an innovative musician. He rose to fame as the guitarist in Genesis during that group’s most creatively fertile period. Joining in 1970 at the tender age of 20, Hackett remained with the band through 1977, at which time the group’s progressive period effectively ended.

DVD Review: We Fun – Atlanta GA Inside Out

Most of us remember our high school years, right? One of the things we might remember — if we weren’t fortunate — was the class sociopath. You know they guy (and it was pretty much always a guy) who did malevolently mischievous things purely for his amusement, with zero regard for others. He might have

Album Review: Julie Slick

These kids today, I tell ya. No, seriously. I find that I’m really not a fan of many of today’s popular musical movements. The disposable pop stuff is easily enough dismissed, but the whole whiny/screamo thing never moved me either. I appreciate songcraft, musicianship and the creative interplay that exists between players. The ability to

Feature: The Cheeksters

Some years ago, recent college graduate Shannon Hines was traveling Europe on a EurailPass. She recounts what happened not long after the train left London: “I said to my girlfriend, ‘let’s go to the club car and get a beer.’ When we got there, it was like a different world. Everybody had colored glasses; it

Bonus Feature: Bob Moog Foundation

Dr. Bob Moog would have been 76 this coming weekend. A few years ago I interviewed his daughter Michelle about the Bob Moog Foundation. “I’m a toolmaker; I’m not a musician.” With trademark modesty, so said Bob Moog, the man who–for all intents and purposes–invented the modern synthesizer. I sat down recently at an Asheville

Album Review: Protomen – Act II: The Father of Death

This is a decidedly strange one. If you’re the sort of music enthusiast who feels that rock music has lost its over-the-top, bombastic edge since the passing of the era of such epics as Meat Loaf‘s immortal Bat out of Hell, then I’ve got some good news for you. If you’re looking for dance music,

Album Review: Terry Knight and the Pack / Reflections

The standard critical rap on Terry Knight and the Pack is that they’re historically significant primarily for what their members did after the group broke up. Musically they’re not given a lot of respect — primarily, the story goes — because of Knight’s shortcomings as a vocalist. There’s some truth to both assertions, but stopping