Preview, or “Every Night is a Holiday”

Here at Musoscribe World Headquarters, as the wonderful Spongetones sang, “Every Night is a Holiday.” Lots of exciting packages arriving from what Firesign Theatre called the “Xmas Bunny”.

In the coming days, look for my interview with John Weathers and Derek Shulman of Gentle Giant, an interview with Jamie and Steve (of the aforementioned Spongetones) about their new album English Afterthoughts, and a review of last week’s concert by thenewno2.

Upcoming reviews include looks at the new comprehensive box set of Thee Midniters material, Thee Complete Midniters; the best-of set #1 Hits Explosion from Apples in  Stereo; and much more.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some CDs to spin…