Reviving the Old Guard: The Palace Guard, Part Two

Continued from Part One… Far better was the A-side of The Palace Guard’s second single, the moody, minor-key “A Girl You Can Depend On.” The flip side of that single […]

Ryan RnB Barber: Can’t Hold Him Down

Ryan RnB Barber is one of the busiest musicians in Western North Carolina. He does it all: singing, rapping, songwriting, producing and arranging. And he stays busy with several bands […]

David Wilcox: Local Hero

David Wilcox didn’t start his life in Western North Carolina, but once the singer-songwriter discovered the region, he knew he had found his home. Thirty-seven years and twenty-plus albums later, […]

Concert Review: Yep Roc 15, Night #2

In some ways, Night #2 of Yep Roc 15 might have been dubbed Night of the Loop. While several of the artists would fall into the singer/songwriter classification, there was […]

Talking “About Stuff” with Harry Shearer, Part 2

Continued from Part One Bill Kopp: You’ve always had a unique gift – and clear affinity – for musical pastiche. For instance, “Celebrity Booze Endorser” is written by you but […]

Sunday Bonus

You may know that Collectors’ Choice Music — the label, not the mail order catalog service — went out of business a couple of years ago. Not long before that, […]

The Real Gone Interview, Part 2: Gordon Anderson

Continued from Part One… Sometimes, even when everything else lines up in a reissue’s favor, potential costs (licensing, etc.) put the project out of reach. “That does occur,” admits Real […]

Album Reviews: ? and the Mysterians – Action / 96 Tears

 In 2010 Collectors’ Choice Music began an interesting and historically relevant series of reissues and repackages. Through a licensing agreement with a company called ABKCO, CCM gained access to the […]

Album Review: The Dovells – For Your Hully Gully Party / You Can’t Sit Down

If The Dovells are remembered at all, it’s primarily for the 1961 hit “Bristol Stomp.” That song, written by a pair of executive staffers at Cameo-Parkway, was a chart-topper for […]

Album Review: Zacherle – Monster Mash/Scary Tales

Okay, this is nutty stuff. John Zacherle (or Zacherley; nobody seems to know for sure) was a popular fixture in the late 1950s and early 60s. His shtick was pretty […]