Ozric Tentacles: Thirty Years and Still Underground

Ozric Tentacles is that rare group that appeals to fans of trance/rave, techno, jam, psychedelic, and space/progressive rock. Founded in Somerset, England – they currently make their home in Colorado […]

Ozric Tentacles’ Perpetual Groove

I first discovered Ozric Tentacles in 2009. Their heady mix of modern and psychedelic styles is a popular draw on the live circuit, and their vast back catalog is full […]

In the Warm Embrace of Ozric Tentacles

One of the most memorable lines in John Landis‘ film The Blues Brothers takes place when the band arrives at a roadhouse. Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) asks the proprietress, “What […]

Album Review: Steve Hillage – The Glastonbury Experience: Live 1979

Steve Hillage is a beloved musician, and with good reason. His work with Khan, Arzachel, Uriel, Gong and System 7 has all been innovative, compelling and tuneful, with just the […]

Take Five: Steve Hillage

Let’s Take Five with Steve Hillage… Guitarist Steve Hillage celebrated his 71st birthday recently (August 2). The acclaimed musician was a notable player in the Canterbury, England rock scene of […]

Hundred-word Reviews for April 2022, Part 2

Picking up where I left off yesterday, here are five more brief capsule reviews of new albums. This is a remarkably eclectic assortment. Speedfossil – No Anesthesia If you like […]

Western N.C. Recording Studios Help Artists Take Their Music to the Next Level (Part Four)

Continued from Part Three… Good Takes Take Time Coming in to a studio session with unrealistic expectations is a recipe for dissatisfaction. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew,” […]

Western N.C. Recording Studios Help Artists Take Their Music to the Next Level (Part One)

An edited version of this feature was published previously as the cover story in the November 2018 issue of Capital at Play. “Music discovery and delivery have changed drastically in […]

EP Review: Crooked Flower — Darkness and Light

Darkness and Light is a new EP from Berkeley, California quartet Crooked Flower. Released this week, the EP is the latest release from the group who scored both “Song of […]

Album Review: The Undergrowth — Synergy

Asheville-based The Undergrowth isn’t a band. And it’s not a person. Instead, it’s a collective of musicians and producers working nominally under the musical umbrellas of electronica, drum and bass, […]